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    Getting to the bottom of the "Include External Files" Option

    Amy Sheu

      I have read many posts on this topic and also the Tableau Online Help.  The more I read the more confused I am.


      So I want to know when do you get the "Include External Files" option checkbook when you publishing and when do you not?  One thing that is clear to me is if you have an image regardless of where the image resides, either locally or on a share that the Server has access to, it will always have the "Include External Files" option available.


      What I am encountering is sometimes I am getting the "include External Files" checkbox option and sometimes I am not getting the option.  Let's just take the image out of the equation.


      Based on the online help, in this situation, I should see the Include External Files checkbox but I do not:

      1.  Create new workbook

      2.  Connect data source to c:\temp\myexcelfile.xlsx

      3.  Create a view

      4.  Save TWB

      5.  Create Extract

      6.  Save AS TWBX

      7.  Publish Workbook ---> I DO NOT GET THE "Include External Files" checkbox.


      If this is the correct behavior and that I should not get the checkbook.  Can someone explain why?


      Thank you.