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    Waterfall chart with filter on Date

    Yasar Arshad

      I am new to tableau. I am working on a project where I need to create a waterfall. I have the data(sample) which is attached in the excel sheet below.


      There 3 columns 'QuarterEndDate', 'Name' and 'Value'.


      QuarterEndDate has to be a filter. Now for example someone click 2 quarters - 30-09-2017 and 31-12-2017, in the final stage I want only the beginning balance of 30-09-2017 and the aggregate of all chargeoff, closed, balance_x, new enrollment, and the ending balance of 31-12-2017.


      so this is what i want in bar chart


      Bar 1 - Beginning balance of 30-09-2017 ,

      Bar 2 - sum(all closed)

      Bar 3 - sum(all charged off)

      Bar 4 - sum(balance_x)

      Bar 5 - Ending balance of 31-12-2017


      NOTE:  30-9-2017 and 31-12-2017 is not fixed, the quarters are to be selected based on the filter and could be anything either one quarter or two or all.


      Issue is when I draw the bar chart - I get the aggregate of beginning balance of all the quarters, but I don't want that.


      This basically shows where we started in the quarter say 100 accounts, 10 charged off so -10, 20 closed so -20, new enrollment say 30 and balance_x is say 40, ending is 100-10-20+30+40 = 140 (the ending balance for latest quarter selected)


      This has been highlighted in the picture attached below.


      Let me know if you have any trouble understanding this. Thanks in advance!