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    Is there a way to downgrade .tds base file?

    ShivaRam Chennapragada

      I'm in a tricky situation here, currently I'm developing a Tableau Data Source that I started on 10.5. I have it published to Server last week, then there were some changes that were to be made like hiding few fields, adding comments etc., not realizing that I opened the .tds source file on 2018.1, I made changes and did "Add to Saved Data Sources" made a local copy. When I clicked on "Publish to Server" got an error saying the server is lower (10.5.1) version. Now, I am unable to open the file in Desktop 10.5.2 as it was saved through 2018.1. Usually if it is a regular workbook user gets a prompt saying "Workbook will be upgraded... do you wish to continue?" But for .tds it didn't happen. Now I have no idea what to do, can anyone help me with this?


      PS: I could download the .tds file from server but I will have to redo the whole thing again, there were literally 100 fields that I added comments to.



      Shiva Ram.