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    Clarification requested on impact of recent product announcement

    Paul Ader

      Can anyone in the community or one of the community moderators at Tableau, answer the following questions to clarify the impact of the new product announcements?



      1. Can existing users of Tableau Desktop continue using it locally for the foreseeable future?   If Tableau Desktop can continue to be used:
        • will it be updated separately from (or in conjunction with) Tableau Creator?
        • will it continue to require payment of an annual maintenance fee (which, for me, is currently USD $200)
        • will it still be possible to publish packaged workbooks from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Public without any additional charge?
      2. Will Tableau Reader continue to be available as a free download to open and view local copies of packaged workbooks?  If so, will it continue to be updated separately from (or in conjunction with) Tableau Viewer?

      3. Will Tableau Prep and Tableau Creator work locally on the desktop or online through a browser or app?

      4. Is Tableau Prep a completely new product or has Tableau purchased/formed a collaboration with an existing provider of ETL such as Alteryx?

      5. Will Tableau Explorer and Tableau Viewer access live data or an online equivalent of a packaged workbook (i.e. use the same mechanism that I understand is currently used to export a VIZ to Tableau Public?

      6. Will  TableauCreator be able to export packaged workbooks that can be sent to and opened (offline) by individual users on Tableau Reader?

      7. Will Tableau Creator be able to modify a pre-built dashboard in any way, or just configure it by selecting / repositioning pre-defined components?

      8. Will Tableau be able to offer smaller minimum user numbers for Tableau Viewer?  A minimum of 100 users only works if a client organization is committed to the organizational wide use of Tableau.  If I am creating a VIZ for ongoing use by a team or department, I would need packages with a minimum number of users of 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25.  


      Many thanks.