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    Tooltip Viz - Measure Name/Value Filtering

    Peter Seok

      Hi Everyone,


      I've been using the new tooltip viz functionality that comes with 10.5, and it's really great.  I have one small problem right now, and I've attached a sample workbook.  On the main tab, when I mouse over any of the 3 sections that I've split out by color (core/integrated/assist), I'd like to tooltip viz to bring up that specific field exclusively.  Right now, it's bringing up all 3 types at once.


      I suspect, I can change this in the filter syntax, by default it's always set to:


      <Sheet name="Tooltip" maxwidth="300" maxheight="300" filter="<All Fields>">


      I've tried 'Measure Names', and some other random stuff instead of 'All Fields', but nothing seems to be working.  Please let me know, and thank you in advance!

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          Jennifer VonHagel

          Hi Peter,


          I'm pretty sure this is because Measure Names doesn't fully act like a dimension. I'm sure what you have here is a very simplified version of your data set, but would it be possible to Pivot your measures so that they are a true dimension?


          Now your Measure Names are a proper dimension - Pivot Field Names.


          Replace all your Measure Names and Values with Pivot Field Names and Values, and the Tooltip now works:


          Hope this helps,


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            Peter Seok

            Hi Jennifer,


            That's correct, this is a very simplified version of my data set (I have sensitive data that I can't just send to the community or I totally would haha).  I've just tried pivoting my three fields in question, but for some reason I don't have that option.  The menu looks exactly like yours, and it's literally just missing the pivot option.


            I'm poking around my data table, and there's no indication as to these measures being anything other than a number of hours (per type, exactly as I have it in the sample that I've provided).  I think if I can get to that pivot option, the solution you showed me should be exactly what I need.


            Question now is, would you know why I don't have the pivot option?  Thanks very much for your help!

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              Don Wise

              Hi Peter,


              From the Tableau online help it appears that the PIVOT option is limited to the following data source types:


              When working with Microsoft Excel, text file, Google Sheets, and .pdf data sources, you can pivot your data from crosstab format into columnar format. Source: http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/help.htm#pivot.html?Highlight=pivot


              Hope that helps clarify or point you in the right direction.  Thx, Don

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                Jennifer VonHagel

                Thanks Don, yes, I was just looking for the list of data sources for which Pivot can be used.


                Peter, it is possible to mimic the Pivot by unioning your data set to itself multiple times, one for each measure, and then adding one measure per data set. So along with your data set you'd add the columns Metric and Value, and put the values there.


                But I would be interested to hear from others in the community that can think of a more streamlined way to do it with your data as is.


                In one project where I used Tooltip charts extensively, I got around this by using a different chart type. I had multiple measures, but each had its own axis. So then I created multiple Tooltip chart sheets - one for each measure - and then, since each measure had its own axis and therefore its own separate Tooltip control, I could a separate Tooltip measure chart in each different measure axis.

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                  Jen Shepherd

                  Jennifer -


                  Thanks so much for mentioning your technique of separate axes and VIT worksheets.  I was just able to use that method to get around the Measure Names issue.  I used a series of min(1) calcs on the rows shelf and put each of my five measures in one of those placeholders.  The separate tooltip for each leading to a separate VIT worksheet works seamlessly for the end user.




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                    Jennifer VonHagel

                    Oh, great, glad it helped!