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    Comparing Transacted Bookings vs Expiring Bookings Over a Specified Period

    Matthew Powers



      I am not sure if there is a real solution to what I am looking for but figured I could ask here!


      I am dealing with transaction and subscription data where each record has bookings and the date of the transaction and also the date of the subscription expiration. Ex: Transaction X booked on March 1 2018 for $1000 and the subscription expires on Feb 28th 2019. So in this case, the transacted bookings on March 1st is $1000 and the expiring bookings on Feb 28th, 2019 is $1000. There are many of these records.


      I am trying to find a way to compare expiring bookings over a certain period vs the transacting bookings over that same period. The issue I am running into is there is only one bookings field with the transaction and expiration date fields. Is there way for me to create what is essentially expiring bookings vs transacting bookings over the same period? I am attaching an example workbook as well.