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    Splitting array with Postgresql

    Javier Gironella

      I am having some issues splitting data using a Postgresql data source.


      The data is stored in a database field as an integer array (integer[]).


      Similar to the example, all data contains numbers separated by commas, and the entire array is surrounded by brackets {}. The amount of data may vary per field, for example:


      field1 may be:



      (5 elements in array)


      Whereas field2 might be:



      (3 elements in array)


      Other than this simple difference, all data is homogeneous through the entire column.


      However, when I try splitting the data in Tableau, using the comma separator (,) or the comma separator and the brackets ({,}), I get the following error:


      "ERROR: function split_part(integer[], unknown, integer) does not exist; Error while executing the query"


      I am trying to split these fields so I can use them as individual columns in a view.


      Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?


      I appreciate your help very much!


      P.D.: I have attached a sample workbook (not connected to Postgresql) for issue replication.