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    Add Pct from Previous Stage in Sankey diagram

    Xiaoli Qiao

      Hi All,


      Need your help!


      I have a question on Sankey diagram,  attached please find a petty Sankey diagram I found on line.


      I find it is hard to add a label/detail on the path/flow from one stage to next stage.

      The idea is to show

                In 36% of proceed in stage 1,

                        65% of them went to proceed in stage 2

                        15% of them went to Rejected in stage 2

                        20% of them went to No Response in stage 2


      But I find it is hard to do, because that data need calculated from both stage 1 and stage 2, and I need them shown in the path/flow.

      And don't want to add a fixed number on the diagram, because additional filter will be add, so it need calculated base on table.


      Please advise.