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    URL Action for specific field I want to use as parameter filter ---  but don't want as dimension in the view

    Adam Ehrenworth

      I am stuck in a catch 22 where I want to use an action URL with a parameter filter but I don't want that field to be a dimension on the worksheet on the dashboard where I am clicking to trigger the action.


      1. If I have the field as a filter on the worksheet only I get an error in the URL Action that the fields are missing on that worksheet and it won't trigger.

      2. If I add it as a dimension the trigger works fine but the worksheet view is all messaged up because now that dimension is distorting the view of the data that I want.


      The field in question is Region. I want to the URL Action to pick up whatever filter is on for Region at that moment when the click occurs but I don't want it to show when the filter is not triggered. See screenshots included for more detail.

      This is the URL Action I have set at for the worksheet in question.

      https://myserver.com/t/HCC-Risk/views/GTD_DEV/Details?Assignment%20Status=<Assignment Status>&Region=<Region>


      If Region is NOT included as a dimension the view looks the way I want but I get the error that Region is missing from the Worksheet.

      status view - Region not included as dimension.jpg


      If Region is included as a dimension the URL Action works perfectly but the view for this worksheet is all screwed up!

      status view - Region included as dimension.jpg


      Is there a simple step I am missing to avoid the error and get the URL action to trigger and not have the view messged up? I tried doing the value as ATTR but I cannot figure out how to referenced it in the URL parameter correctly.


      Appreciate any guidance.