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    How to sum up attribute values?


      Hi there,


      I have a table as follows:


      AccountProject IDANCTEmployee
      A12345 $       100 David
      A12345 $       100 Susan
      A12345 $       100 Charles
      A23456 $       300 Tom
      A23456 $       300 Ming
      B34580 $         50 Susan
      B34580 $         50 Juno
      B56801 $       500 Tom


      Each project should have a constant ANCT. E.g. 12345's ANCT is $100.

      I'd like to create a table for calculating the total of ANCT per account. The result should be:


      For account A, the total ANCT should be $400 while account B should be $550.


      How can I sum up the ANCT per account in Tableau as it'll give me $600 for account A and $900 for account B. Thanks.