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    Sorting of one dimension in multiple-dimensions table

    Jiri Pangrac

      Hi everybody,


      I'm new to the community, so my question might be stupid. I already tried searching for an answer, but didn't seem to find a working solution for me.

      My problem is the following - I have three dimensions, Transaction 1, Transaction 2 and Transaction 3 with Number of records as a measure. The number of records represents number of times the given sequence of transactions happened. What I need is, to sort the table from largest to smallest, but only for each combination of Transactions 1 and 2.

      This means:


      Sequence of transactions A-B-C happened 5x

      Sequence of transactions A-B-D happened 3x


      Sequence of transactions A-E-D happened 10x

      Sequence of transactions A-E-C happened 1x


      What I have now is that Tableau sorts by the third transactions in way it counts all "number of records" for the whole table. This means, in the previous example, that even in the first combination of Transactions A-B, the "D transaction" is first (because its total number of records is the highest) and "C transaction" is second (because its total number of records is smaller).

      Any help with this?


      I am sorry for such a long and complex explanation, but I'm afraid I can't include a Tableau workbook, since the data is confidential. I would be grateful if you guys could help me.

      Thanks a lot in advance.