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    conditionally formatting cell colors

    Bill Olander

      Hi all,

      Is there simplish way to color the cells of a column by rules? I've searched around and there seem to be some complicated work-arounds but I'm hoping some one can steer me to something simple.  This was inspiring, but it is for coloring the text and not the cell, also i only want to color one column: https://bensullins.com/tableau-tip-conditional-formatting/

      For example, in the workshet of my attached data set:


      CountryPlannedActual%Actual to planned


      I'd like to format it according to rules:

      %Actual to planned < 4% = green

      %Actual to planned = 4% = yellow

      %Actual to planned > 5% = red


      to have a worksheet like this


      Thanks and respect Tableau-rz!