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    Visual Analytics Course - Is it worth it?

    Deacon Thompson

      Hi there,


      I recently passed the Desktop Qualified Associate exam and I'm thinking about sitting the Certified Professional one. There doesn't seem to be as much info online for the CP exam (in terms of advice, tips and practice questions) as there are for the QA exam so I'm considering taking the Visual Analytics 2-day classroom training course as preparation for it.


      I just wanted to find out if anyone had done this course? is it worth the $1400? Is it good preparation for the CP exam?


      If anyone knows of any other online resources that I could use to prepare for the CP exam (free or paid) or has any other advice I'd be very grateful. Additionally, if anyone wants to share their experience of the Certified Professional exam that would be extremely useful.


      Many thanks,


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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Deacon, 


          I have brought this to the attention of our certification team to determine if there are any other resources to assist than - Certification | Tableau Software


          I would also share that the best way to gain experience and knowledge with Tableau is to assist with questions here in the forums.  Being able to put yourself in another person's shoes and understand their use cases and questions will assist in understanding the capabilities, functions, and creative solutions that are used across the community of users.  If you are looking for a question to work on, you can always find unanswered questions here:  Crow's Nest



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            Deacon Thompson

            Thanks a lot for your response Patrick, and thanks for raising with the certification team.


            I think you're right that understanding and working on a wide range of different problems is a great way to gain experience and knowledge with Tableau. I've never responded to questions or problems posted by users in the community but I'll have a go at some of the unanswered ones now you've shown me where to find them.


            The other part of my question was around the value of the courses offered by Tableau; in particular the Visual Analytics and Desktop III Advanced courses. Would you say they are worth the money and a good way to prep for the Certified Professional exam, or do you think hands on experience answering questions in the forums is enough to bring my skills/knowledge to the right level to pass?


            Many thanks,


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              Anna Dolezilek

              Hi Deacon,


              Being a Desktop Certified Professional requires advanced technical knowledge, some of which can be obtained in our Desktop I, II, and III courses.  In addition to the knowledge learned in those courses, there is an element of real world experience that will help you beyond what any class can provide, which is why we recommend having 9+ months of hands on experience in addition to being familiar with the topics covered in our Desktop courses.  Patrick's suggestion of assisting with problems found here in the forums would be an excellent way to build real world experience with the product. This practice would also build experience working with unfamiliar data sources, which is a great way to prepare for any Tableau Certification exam. Beyond the technical knowledge, a Desktop Certified Professional also understands not only how to use the data, but how to present it to tell meaningful stories and effectively inform your audience, which is what makes Visual Analytics an important component of your certification prep process.


              Thanks for asking such an excellent question!


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