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    Capturing empty result set

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      I have 3 filters on my dashboard. The core part of my dashboard is a histogram and for some combinations of the filters there is no result to be shown in the histogram. Then, an empty sheet is displayed in place of my histogram sheet on my dashboard. Instead, I would like to show some text which says there is no data. For this, I was trying to capture the value of the dimension (to compare in a calculated field) which is used on the histogram for the given combination of the filters to use in a calculated field. In the calculated field, I tried using different functions like IFNULL, ISNULL, count = 0 but none of them are working since I observe that the value of the dimension to be used on the histogram is now an empty set rather than a Null or zero values. How can I capture this empty set value to write a calculated field (how to write a calculated field to compare with the result for the combination of the filters) which will be used to display a different sheet with an error message?