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    Blending 3 Datasources

    Christi Kurihara

      Hi all!  I am feeling a little stumped.  To start, I am on version 10.4.6


      • I have a report that gives me a list of people, the status of their timesheets, and with their employee ID.  
      NameTimesheet StatusEmployee ID
      Doe, JaneUnapproved1234
      Deally, RyanMissing4312
      Conustra, DaveMissing5216
      Montee, AbleUnapproved5789
      Lowenstein, TabbyMissing9461


      • I have 2 separate rosters, 1 roster is contractors and the other is full members, and everyone on the timesheet report should be on one of them.  Both rosters share the employee ID field with the report, but also contain the department ID of each employee ID number.             
      NameTimesheet StatusEmployee IDDept ID
      Doe, JaneUnapproved12344444653
      Conustra, DaveMissing52164444982
      Lowenstein, TabbyMissing94614444574



      NameTimesheet StatusEmployee IDDept ID
      Deally, RyanMissing43129784644
      Montee, AbleUnapproved57896374951


      • 1 have a report that shows me what sector each department ID belongs in. 


      Dept IDSector


      I need a worksheet that shows me how many unapproved and missing timesheets there were, by sector.  So I am looking for a way to link all 4 data sources so that the timesheet report brings in the dept ID, which means it has to be able to link to both the contractor roster and the member roster,  and then bring in the Sector through the dept ID.  To go a step further.  I would like to be able to filter the worksheet by sector, using a "Select Sector" parameter so that it syncs with other pieces of the same dashboard.


      I have been able to create a calculated field to combine the 2 rosters to provide a dept. ID, but since they are from different sources than the prime, it is only a measure and cannot be used to link with the Sector report.  I have also built a single roster data source with a Join, which allows me to link to the timesheet report, but then there is no relationship between the timesheet report and the sector report.


      I apologize for the rudimentary tables but there is a sample workbook attached containing each sample table, a sample of the join I've created, etc.  I have built the sheet in the attached to look how I want it to look, but I currently have no way of making the parameter work as a filter.


      I hope that made some sense...