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    Historical YOY average compared to current year and target

    Xeni Xenu

      Hello everyone,


      I would like to sum and average 2 YOY's for "Sales Returned" - this is in (15_16_17)  (in the dummy data included I would like to sum 2015 + 2016) and show "Sales Returned" 2017 as current year performance and also show target performance ("Target sales returned ceiling", this is in (Target sales returned). I would like this data to be shown by periods, that is periods will be on the x axis( period 1 - 13), and then maybe the summed and average years as a stacked area and the current year and the target performance as lines? (I am open to any which way works )




      NB: The data set I will be using has more years, I would be adding 3 years as opposed to 2 in the data set, therefore if it is possible please could you provide a quick explanation of how you manage to do the above so I can recreate it if I'm including additional YOY's.


      Please see attached packaged workbook.


      Kind regards