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    Webapp link

    daniele menzaghi

      Hi i need to develop this scenario:

      create a dashboard tableau that isa link to en external webapp.

      the difficulty is to uderstand how to retrieve the user info that logged into tableau and to pass this info to the webapp that needs to have the userid to shows somes data specific for that autenthicated user.


      Today we are using the internal tableau authentication.


      any idea about that?


      thks a lot

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          Santiago Sanchez

          Hi Daniele,


          If you are using Tableau Server, that is if the dashboard is published to Tableau Server, you can use User Functions that include USERNAME and FULLNAME to represent the person logged into Tableau Server. This is a function you can add to a calculated field, which you can then use in any view and URL actions.


          Hope that helps!


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            daniele menzaghi

            Great Santiago!

            thks a lot for your answer.

            So, if i undertand well: i create my empty dashboard, i create my calculated field to retrieve user info that i use in my url action.

            it sounds good?



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              Santiago Sanchez

              Almost! You'll create the calculated field on an empty sheet (on the dimensions shelf), then you'll have to add the calculated field to the sheet itself (make part of the view). You can later add the sheet to your dashboard, but this is optional.


              Whether it's a sheet or a dashboard, you can then use the calculated field on a URL Action.

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                daniele menzaghi

                Thks a lot Santiago.

                So, today in my url i use: "user <my_url>/user=<name>", where <name> is a calculated field that contains the FULLNAME.

                Last question is: exists a way to hide the value for the user? For security reason i would like to avoid to have the name in clear in the url: if i know some user_name i can directly access with theyr login??