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    Column Grand Total calculation as per filter selection but should not recalculate to 100 % irrespective of filter selection

    Venkat Narayanan Veerasekar

      Hello everyone,


      I am using Tableau 10.5.1  I am facing trouble using Column Grand Totals option under the Analysis menu. When I want to use the percentage table calculation for a field it always updates to 100 % but I don't want that.



      • I have three different product groups such as Automotive, Commercial, and Electronics.
      • Also, I have the ages of different products that are grouped under the product groups.
      • I have a calculated field that calculates the number of products that have age greater than or equal to 75. This is named as Aged 75+
      • Also, I need to display the % of Aged 75+. This calculated field displays the % of Aged 75+ from the total for individual product groups.
      • I want to use the product groups as the filter.
      • I wanted to use the grand totals. The Grand totals for the Aged 75+ works fine but the grand totals for the % Aged 75+ is always calculates to a total of 100 %


      Objective: I want those percentages to be static but not recalculate to 100% every time. It should display 100% only when all the product groups are selected in the filter. I have attached the Excel sheet and packaged workbook for your reference.


      Expected Result:

      • When I select all the product groups the % Aged 75+can be 100% but if I select Automotive and Electronics only then % Aged 75+ should display 61%(15 + 46) but not 100%


      Any kind of help will be appreciated.


      Thanks and Regards,