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    Tableau Option - Looking at Months Without Actual Data

    Stephen Groff

      Greetings!  I have a question about viewing dates that don't actually carry data.


      In the case of the image below.  I only have data up to this present day, April 24, 2018.  However, some of the big wigs here like to see the whole year in the charts, (especially with target lines, baselines, and projections) and I am unsure how to show them the whole year.


      Something weird though.  The target lines in the chart below...  I have data (targets & overall baseline) for each month of 2018.  Why not show me the entire year then?  Why is Tableau only showing me data up to the present day, when my target line data stretches out until December 2018?  It's also worth noting that I did not add in these lines using custom 'reference line'....  I haven't gone that far in my Tableau learning just yet....  I added them in on a secondary axis.