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    Type Mis-Match - Dates - Excel and Database Dates Refuse to Match Up

    Stephen Groff

      Hi Everyone,


      I am racking my brain against this issue.  I have read a lot of information regarding this issue.  I am trying to join a reference table (via Excel) into my workbook where my main data table is being brought in through Oracle.


      All I need to do to join the data is to connect the dates.  Seems easy enough, but It refuses.



      However, if I change 'Date1' to Date & Time it will go ahead and join, but that doesn't yield accurate or useful results and leaves me with a bunch of NULL values.  I've tried this every which way I can think of.  I've gone into the original Excel file and tried screwing with the dates... no joy.  I've run the 'data interpreter' for Excel files, and I've turned it off.  Why doesn't Tableau like my dates?  How do I get them to join up?  Why is this a problem...?  A date is a date for cryin' out loud.