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    Restricting shapes to specific columns

    Gary Bisaga

      I'm working on a viz where I want to use shapes as described in this link. I've added this to the PercentChange worksheet of my workbook (attached). However, it shows this:


      That says it all - I want to apply shapes to some of the columns, but not all of them. Is there any way to do this in Tableau?

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          Jennifer VonHagel

          Hi Gary, you can re-jigger it a little.


          I duplicated the worksheet, created an Axis column that is basically just 1. I put this axis field in Columns 4 times. You can see on the left in the Marks card that I now how 4 separate marks cards - one for each axis. This means I can put different formulas on each card, and choose whether or not to show shapes for each card.


          Measure Names is no longer here - you can see the AXIS title at the bottom of the table. I would hide the bottom axis, and create text boxes on the dashboard or story pane with the measure names to center them above each column.



          I have Tableau 10.5, not sure if you can open it, but I have attached the workbook.


          Hope this helps,



          Oh, by the way, in your Percent Change KPI, you can explicitly handle if it is NULL. This way, when the value is NULL you can make the shape white so it doesn't show up in the table where it doesn't apply.


          if [Percent Change]>0 then 'Positive'

          elseif [Percent Change]<0 then 'Negative'

          elseif  ISNULL([Percent Change]) then 'Null'

          else 'Equal' end