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    Problem with date in a SAP BW datasource

    Nils Rinaldi

      Dear community,


      I am connecting Tableau Desktop to a SAP BW BEx Query. My BEx query has a date field, and two measures.


      First of all, when I connect to the query, Tableau Desktop does not allow me to preview the data (preview button is greyed). Is that normal?


      Second, since I cannot preview the data, I cannot either redefine the type of the field. Tableau automatically detects it as a hierarchy (see symbol highlighted in screenshot below). And I cannot force it to be detected as a date field.


      Do you have any suggestions about how to work around this problem?


      Thanks in advance for your help and best regards,


      Nils Rinaldi


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          Nils Rinaldi

          An addition to my post from yesterday:

          I have tried to create calculated fields (with date transformations) from the variable, but in the calculated field editor, my date variable (which has been converted to a hierarchy by Tableau) is not available.

          When I right-click on the dimension on the shelf, and click "edit in shelf", appears the variable name [AUTHDATE].[AUTHDATE].[LEVEL01].



          If i use the variable [AUTHDATE] in the formula editor, it does not work. I get the error:

          "Reference to non-column field [AUTHDATE]. Only columns may be referenced in calculations.



          If I use the variable [AUTHDATE].[AUTHDATE].[LEVEL01], it doesn't work either. I get the error:

          "Operation on field [AUTHDATE].[AUTHDATE].[LEVEL01] is not permitted."



          In SAP-BW, the variable is of type DATS, lenght 8, format YYYYMMDD, seems quite standard.

          I have no way to transform the variable into a string or a date. I am completely blocked by now. Anyone has a solution?

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            Nils Rinaldi

            I solved my problem by creating an extract. With the extract, Tableau was able to interpret my date field as a date.


            Without extract (i.e. with live connection), I could not solve the problem.