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    Publish workbook (twb) that connects to a datasource with live connection fails with response error code 400011 and summary: Bad Request

    Deepak K

      We have a twb that connects to multiple datasources (few of them are extract and two are live connections).

      When we publish the twb using Tableau REST API we receive an error code 400011 and summary: Bad Request.

      • All the datasources exist on the site's project


      We were able to publish the same workbook with same set of datasources in non-prod environment successfully.


      We looked at the contents of the twb for the datasource with live connection between non-prod and prod environments and noticed this:



      <datasource caption='datasource1_live_db' inline='true' name='sqlproxy.xxxx' version='10.2'>

            <repository-location derived-from='/datasources/datasource1_live_db?rev=1.2' id='datasource1_live_db' path='/t/abc/datasources' revision='1.0' site='abc' />



      <datasource caption='datasource1_live_db' inline='true' name='sqlproxy.yyyy' version='10.2'>

            <repository-location id='datasource1_live_db' path='/t/abc/datasources' revision='1.0' site='abc' />


      What is 'derived-from' and is it impacting anything here?

      Note: We were able to publish the workbook in all the environments until we added datasources with live connection.