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    Calculated Field - Revenue Actual Year vs. Previous Year


      Dear Tableau Community,


      I hope there is someone out there who has an easy solution to my problem with the calculated fields.

      Unfortunately I was not able to find the exact same problem in another discussion.


      Attached you can also find the relating Excel table with a simplified dataset (Test_Revenue_Growth).


      I'm trying to create a calculated field giving me an Currency Effect comparable Revenue Growth rate like following formula:

      (Revenue "Actual Year" - Currency Effect vs. Previous Year "Actual Year") / (Revenue "Previous Year")

      The problem I have here is that I'm not able to select the Category "Previous Year" (visible in an own column) as a condition in the formula of the calculated field.

      Without limiting it to a specific category it's summing the revenue above all "Category" options (e.g. Actual Year + Previous Year + Budget) which doesn't make any sense.



      In the second step I would also like to calculate the growth rate by an additional information like country. Therefore I added a second database with the additional country information (Test_Revenue_Growth_Countries).
      Is it possible to also create a "flexible" growth rate by country?



      Thank you very much in advance for your help!


      Best regards