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    New user - converting checkboxes to charts

    Molly Dixon

      This question is probably pretty elementary, so I apologize in advance.  This is literally my first day of being exposed to Tableau (I'm sure my terminology is sloppy), and I've been tasked with trying to find a way to do the following:


      In URL form--

      We want to have a form with checkboxes (simple yes/no)

      Based on that form, we need to see an output in chart form (dashboard?), dynamic to show yes, no, null


      Example: A group of workers have the opportunity to perform errors.  These errors are recorded in a database and imported to Tableau so management can see a list of the errors.  They will research them to determine "yes, we confirm this was our error" or "no, this is not our error".  Resulting charts (dashboard) would indicate: how many errors are left unanswered (null), and how many are being confirmed vs. denied?


      My apologies if this is mis-categorized.  I'll keep working to get the hang of this.  Thanks in advance.