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    Rolling Saving Calculation using week numbers

    Tony Ball

      Hi All,


      I'm hoping you can help me with a rolling calculation for a workbook I'm building.


      I have values in the data collected on a weekly basis


      Firstly I want to use the last week of 2017 as the baseline amount (week 53) - I then want to subtract the value from week 4 of 2018 off week 53 value.


      so for example week 53 value 1000  - week 4 value 800 = 200


      I then want to subtract week 4 value from week 8 value


      so for example week 4 value 800 - week 8 value 780 = 20


      I want keep rolling my calc in this way on a 4 weekly cycle BUT accumulating the amounts from each calculation. So using the example above the amount my calc would display is 220


      I hope this makes sense but please let me know if not.