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    2018.1 - Extracts Taking Longer Time to Refresh

    Sanket Kelkar

      Hi All,


      We are planning to upgrade from 10.1 to the latest version 2018.1 on Prod.


      On Dev, we successfully upgraded to 2018.1, however, there are some extracts that seem to take very long time to refresh (full refresh). These extracts connect to Oracle tables and we already have installed the latest Oracle drivers as mentioned in - Error:"OCI.dll not found" When Connecting to an Oracle Data Source | Tableau Software


      One of the moderately sized extracts with 1.36 GB and 2 million rows used to take 20 mins on 10.1 and 2 mins on 10.5.3 and it started taking 45+ mins on 2018.1 as soon as it was upgraded. I am refreshing it from Tableau Server and my Dev VM is having good normal server configuration.


      Can someone please help me on this and share any knowledge on why this could be happening?



      Sanket K