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    I cannot assign desired colours to my IF Statement Conditions

    Bagiyaraj Natarajan

      I have a calculated filed as below

      IF [Count]<4500 THEN "Yellow"

      ELSEIF [Count] >=4500 AND [Count]<=5500 THEN "Green"

      ELSE "RED"


      I added it to "Colours" Mark. The tableau has assigned the default colours to my conditions. I want to customize the colours. When I choose "Edit colours", It only allows me to edit the colour of the condition that's true in the dashboard. For Example, if the condition for Yellow is true, I can customize the colour for yellow condition. It does not allow me to choose colours for other 2 conditions in the statement. Looks like I will have to wait to see If the condition changes based on the live data to edit the colours for other 2 conditions, Am I missing something?