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    Exclusion of value of dimension

    Mike Ross



      I  have city dimension with values as A, B, C, D, and E. and population as measure.  The user want filter with value True and False.


      When True is selected chart should show data of All cities(i.e A,B,C,D and E). and when False is selected

      it should show data of A, B, D and E. i.e. it should not display data of city C.


      I tried to achieve this using groups and sets but did't get the expected result.


      How to achieve this?




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          Donna Coles

          Hi Mike


          I've done this by creating 2 calculated fields and a parameter.


          Parameter - to drive the user selection


          A calculated field to identify the city you don't want - this will return true if city is C otherwise false


          Another calculated field to use on your filters shelf to control the behaviour.  This will return True if the parameter is true OR the city to exclude field is false (ie the city isn't 'C')


          Drop the above on the filters shelf and set to True.  Changing the parameter between true & false will then give you what you need.





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