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    change data sources with oracle DB

    meisam nabavi


      I am new in Tableau and now working with Desktop Professional 10.5. I have some oracle DBs (User) in my DB server. I connected to one and made a fine tableau workbook with sheets and dashboard.

      Now I wanna change the Data source to a new Oracle User(DB). All the users are identical in form of tables, views and MV_views, but the data are different.(different versions of date)

      I followed the instruction in following link to replace the data source (and also looked in too many other pages):

      Replace Data Sources

      I could connect to the new DB (User) but the tables and joins that I defined in initiation  of workbook, do not appear in the new connection. To make the analytics work, I should rebuild my repository from scratch. Is it normal in tableau or I am making something wrong?

      Thanks in advance,


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