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    New Calculated Field Not Showing Up Under Top N filter by options

    Derek Cyphers

      I have built a side-by-side bars visualization that compares utilization for a selected group of consumers relative to all others, broken out by category. I am nearly there with the functionality in terms of displaying the selected consumer group vs. all others, and doing the calculations appropriately. However, my Top N filter is currently based on the overall utilization metric (so Tableau is producing the Top N categories overall). I want to narrow this down to just the Top N for that specific consumer group. So I created an additional measure that is just like the existing one, but is specific to just the selected consumer group (Using an IF THEN END statement). However, this new field does not show up in my list of options for filtering the category by Top>By Field>Top>Parameter>Field. The main calculation is there but not the new one.


      What would cause Tableau to not include a valid (accurately calculating) measure in the list of options for Top N filtering?


      Apologies that I cannot share my workbook because the information is highly sensitive and protected.