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    Count of a count - with filters?

    Cerys Heath

      I have a large data set of customer responses to emails, and I want to produce a chart that summarizes this to show how many customers have opened 0 emails, 1 email, 2 emails, etc. I've managed to get these figures by using a calculated field { FIXED [Customer ID] : SUM(IIF([Outcome]="Opened",1,0))}, and then adding a count distinct of customer ID.


      However, I want to be able to filter this chart by category and by date, with the results updating according to the filters, but this doesn't seem to work. The chart sometimes changes when I edit the filters, but it doesn't match the numbers I would want it to show.. I can't tell exactly what it is doing. Any idea how I can get these counts in a way that can be filtered properly?


      The data looks something like this, I've also attached a sample data sheet, and a sample workbook (Tableau version 10.1.1).


      Customer ID


      Many thanks,