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    Null values filtered by date

    Patrick Faivre

      Hi all,


      Every month, I need to produce a graph showing the number of incidents until the last month over the previous 25 months (classical). I created a parameter (Up Until Date) so that I can select the last month I want to make appear on the graph (I need flexibility). And I created a filter on the date so that I can only see the 25 months.

      The problem is when there is no incident the last month. (if you select any day in April, it works because there is one incident in March, but if you select any day in March, it wont work because there is no incident in Feb and the graph will stop in Jan)

      I tried to use a calculated field with IFNULL(values, 0) or the contexted filter on the date, but it does not work.


      Thanks in advance for your help!