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    Rows Referencing Columns

    Paul Gonzalez

      I have a feeling that there is an easy answer to this, but I'm not sure how to frame the question.


      My current project is this: I'm building a dash from an Excel file that has a large field of subjective user data.  I would like to make a word cloud out of the field, but Tableau seems to need columns to see the word list.  This has worked fine, I've made a word list in excel and Tableau is able to use the list to create a really nice looking cloud.  I simulated my actual data with a few pages from the novel "Treasure Island", below.



      Great, this part works.


      This word list is from a column with the header '1002', and there are a total of ten columns numbering '1000' through '1010'.  These are ID numbers unique to that entry.   The table that references this number is on another page, and also has all of the other data that I'm using to build the rest of my dashboard in rows.  I would like my dashboard to eventually show the keywords from the user entry field when the ID category is selected.


      How can I join or blend the ID number that is part of the row of data on one page to the ID number that heads the column in another page?


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