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    Total in Stacked Bars

    Ashok Ramineni



      I have couple of issues popping up in the dashboard. Can you please advice.

      1. I would like to display total no. of Males & Females for both years in January as shown in purple color as bar on top of them.(We can do it from Reference Line, but I want it as bar)

               Ex: 2014 Sales should be 76763+69942 = 146705 : 2015 Sales should be 65939+80445 = 146384.

      2. I would like to swap the headers in the sheet. Instead of measure values, I should display Months.

      3. In the above screenshots: data is not available for 2015 Sales from Aug to Dec, whereas have data for previous year i.e. 2014 sales.

      My requirement is: Since Aug to Dec data for 2015 Sales is not available, 2014 Sales data should be hidden which don’t have data. Lets say Aug data is available in next refresh for Aug 2015 then chart should display 2014 & 2015 Aug data as well along with previous months data (Jan-Aug) and so on.


      Hope it is clear.