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    How to unselect a highlighted action

    David Marquardt


      I have a question about how to get a highlighted action to disappear in , without having to deselect the original worksheet. It's similar to this one: How to Clear Action Selections


      I have a highlighted action with a map, that is activated when the user clicks on a value in the commodity list (each commodity has a default region, as well as other regions the user can click on).  Right now it's a one way action - Commodity click determines map selection.

      This is one of several actions - Both map and commodity can affect the line chart region chosen, for instance.


      My problem: When I click on another region in the map, the first highlighted region remains.


      I've tried having the action be both way (map selection can be an initiator, not just a receiver of the action). However, this seems to periodically turn off the highlighting altogether.


      I'm including the worksheet, if anyone wants to play around with it, and have some ideas of how to resolve this, I'm all ears.





      Here's how the map looks when I click on a commodity



      But if I click on a second region, the first remains