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    Pie chart


      I have 3 columns ( country , customer and flag) - All 3 dimensions


      I need to create a pie chart that shows percentage of vendors in a country with status


      The angle of pie should be percentage of distinct vendors in country. Can some one help with calculated field and chart


      Attached the twbx file.





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          Don Wise

          Hi Karishma,

          Is "Customer" a "Customer ID" number  or is it an already aggregated number/count of Customers?

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            Don Wise

            Hi Karishna,

            Please see newly attached workbook v.10.3 and below screenshots as to what was done to get there...if this answers your question, please respond to the original post and mark it as correct so that others can possibly use it in the future. 


            This is the traditional method of doing a COUNTD on your customer, however, a pie chart won't work with this method, hence the need for an LOD calculation which performs similarly but also allows for a pie chart.

            Traditional CountD.png

            This screenshot shows the LOD Calculation and that Customer was moved from Measure to Dimension.


            Then changed the calculation to a quick table calc as % of Total:

            Add Quick Table Calc as % of Total.png

            Then used the "Show Me" chart of tables to create a pie chart, added labels appropriately.

            Change to Pie Chart and Label accordingly.png

            Hope it helps...again, if yes, please mark the original posting as correct.  Thx, Don