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    In-Build New Line Character that causes column values to spill to different columns

    Aelx Kim

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a table that gets refreshed daily (back up, drop and re-create), and is automatically refreshed within Tableau Server.


      This process is not working because every time table is refreshed within Tableau Server, column values move to different columns.


      For Instance,


      Name, Dates

      Brian   4/23/2018

      Jess    5/1/2017




      Name ,    Dates



      Jess           5/1/2017


      I am using Hive Database, and this has been a problem even within Hive; thus I had to create the table as a sequence file to avoid this situation.


      And I can only refresh the data by adding a new data source, then replace the existing data source with newly added data.


      Do you guys know any workaround for this? If you need more details, please let me know.