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    Test Station Active/Inactive States

    Richard Cheslo

      I have several Test Stations and each Station has either 12 or 16 slots. Each slot holds a Unit Under Test. Each Test record has a Start Time and an End Time. I can make a table (First Image) that for each test shows the Active Duration in minutes DATEDIFF('second',[Test Start Date],[Test End Date])/60, and the Inactive Duration DATEDIFF('second',[Prior Test End],ATTR([Test Start Date]))/60. Prior Test End is calculated by LOOKUP(ATTR([Test End Date]),-1).


      This is well and good, but I am trying to figure out how to make a graphical view for each Test Station & Slot similar to the second Image below though a single bar that changes color with the state rather than level would work too. I am thinking I will need a common time scale that I can compare against if a slot is in an active state or not.Though I cannot think of how to create that. I took a stab at trying to create a lookup in Excel that I could join, but had no success. Normally the source data will come from an Oracle database table, but I was using an Excel extract to try to mock this out. Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions will be very appreciated. Thank you.