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    How to search a Clob Field

    Adi Nalla

      Hi all,


      I have a Text Clob field in the following format not necessarily the same in all cases,


      Text Field:

      DIAGNOSIS physicians believe that a person has the best results when they’re already near their goal weight range, exercising and eating well.



      IMPRESSION The most common minimally invasive procedures were botulinum injections.


      COMMENT there were about 350,000 noninvasive fat reduction procedures



      I need to create a search box for this clob field, but the issue is user doesn't want to search the whole clob field, but just the IMPRESSION text part(bold text part).

      I am not sure how to approach this, one thing I know for sure that this text starts with the word 'IMPRESSION, tricky part is, I don't know exactly where this Text Part ends


      Anyone have any suggestions?