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    Adding Target & Base Reference Lines - Multiple Reference Lines

    Stephen Groff

      Greetings Tableau Experts


      I am trying to explore the best way of accomplishing a few tasks regarding reference lines given to me by 'The Man':


      See attached snip image.


      #1.  The guys upstairs want a line on the bar graphs in the dashboard that follows the total.  The yellow dashed-line in the image.

           -  I've played around with reference lines, but I see no easy way of adding this in.


      #2.  They also want me to add in the established baseline.  Gray dashed-line in the image

           - I have a separate table that I can add to my workbook that has dates associated with the baseline.


      #3.  And finally they want me to add our target line.  Black solid line with red markers in the image.

           - Also in the reference table with the baselines, I have targets.  The targets are also broken down by date.


      It might be worth mentioning the reference Excel table I speak up references every single day in 2018 (not just the month), so starting with 1/1/2018 in the first cell, all the way down to 12/31/2018.  This worked well in Excel, but I have no idea how implement this into my current Tableau workbook.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?

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          Hari Ankem

          #1. Convert the chart to a dual-axis by adding a line using the same measure used in the bars. Remove all dimensions from the color mark for this line so that you see only 1 single line as required.


          #2. If you can Union the baseline data with the current data, then you should be able to include this data too in the same axis as above.


          #3. This too hopefully can be included along with #2, if not, the data may need to be pivoted.


          If you still need help, please share the data and packaged workbook so that someone can provide the appropriate solution unless there are limitations with your data source(s).

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