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    Swapping Multiple, Side-by-Side Sheets using 1 Parameter

    Mark Tsugawa

      I'm trying to swap 2 side-by-side charts with 2 other side-by-side charts using a parameter.


      The attached workbook contains a set of 2 different charts (i.e., sheets) (a Pie Chart and a Bar Chart) for 2 different metrics (Contacts and Gross Profit $'s) and a parameter (Select Metric) to allow the user to select which set of charts to display.


      I want the chart set to appear in the same location (i.e., overlayed on the same part of the dashboard) when the appropriate metric is selected.


      I've got it kind-of working, in that the 2 sets of charts show and disappear correctly whenever the user selects one of the two metrics, but they appear in the wrong location - the Contact charts appear at the top of the dashboard and the Gross Profit charts appear below the container holding the Contact charts.  So, there's a big empty space when the Gross Profit metric is selected.


      Eventually, there will be 5 or 6 different metrics from which to select.  I've only included two here for simplicity.


      Thanks for any help you can provide.