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    Goal completion based on previous year data

    Raoul Verhaegen

      Hi all,


      There is something with which I could use a little help !


      So in my company we set goals based on previous year data. I'll be using the superstore sample data on this question.


      The goals are fairly specific, say we look at sales data for First class ship mode;


      FY '14-'15 : $65,671 in sales for this ship mode


      Let's say our goal for FY'15-'16 is to hit $70,000. I want to track goal completion for each state.


      This is how the viz should look like FY'15-'16 (as at 2016-02-11):



      The viz would include every state, not just California and New York.


      My problem is that the way our goal is set is by looking at the contribution of each state to the sales in First class shipping mode for the year prior.


      For example, New York contributed 32% of that metric, so here's the way I set the viz :


      This is a very long manual process that needs updating every year (sometimes every quarter). I haven't been able to find any other way to set this up... Any help ?


      Thanks a lot