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    LOD for Like Schools

    Shawn Heilemann

      Hello All,


      I am basically looking for a way to find a count of schools that are out performing any school based on two fields.


      ContentTest level
      School NameFRM %Pass %
      2016-17EnglishAllSchool A90%40%
      2016-17EnglishAllSchool B90%50%
      2016-17EnglishAllSchool C80%60%
      2016-17MathAllSchool A90%55%
      2016-17MathAllSchool B90%30%
      2016-17MathAllSchool C80%60%


      So for School A in English, I would need an equation that tells me there is 1 school with the same FRM% that has a higher Pass %. So for School A in Math, there are 0 schools with the same FRM% that has a higher Pass %.


      I can write an LOD that gives me the number of schools with the same FRM% as whatever school ( {fixed [School Year],[Content Area],[Test Level],[Frm %]:SUM([Number of Records])} ), but I just cant figure out how to search that subset of schools by score to determine which of the schools have a better pass rate. Who has the same FRM % as me, but has a better Pass%.


      Bonus points if you know how to make the "Same FRM% as me" into "my FRM % plus or minus a few points".


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thank you,