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    Rolling Up Data Across Dimensions

    James Julius

      I'm trying to take the sum of numbers from one dimension to use them in other dimensions in an allocation calculation.  I have the allocation calc's down but am having a challenge wrapping my head around the calcs I need to do the following:


      I have three top level dimensions, PROJECT, SERVICE, and OTHER.  I have a set of values under OTHER that I want to sum up and drop into a calculated field.  That calculated field is used in an allocation calculation using LOD calcs. 


      Right now when I'm doing a traditional SUM(IF calc it's only pulling values in that dimensional structure.  I'm sure there's some type of LOD that I need to run I'm just not sure what. 


      Attached is a workbook that mocks up what I'm looking to do.  First I want to sum up all of the values for COST-A that are under the top level dimension of OTHER.  Then I want to take that summed up value and make it available as a calculated field so that if I dropped it in view it would be the total sum of all of COST-A (that way I can do a weighted average allocation later).