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    How to dynamically sum a column and divide it by the total.

    Davy Lam


          The following viz shows the result of a vulnerability scanning. There are a total of 409 instances of vulnerabilities from site "Bovad College". For example, vulnerability ID "linux-icmp-redirect" happens 4 times and "centos_linux-cve-2018-1049" happens 2 times. The vulnerability ID is sorted and ranked by how often a vulnerability occurs. User uses the slider to pick the top 10 all the way to the top 100 most frequently occur vulnerability.


      Question: How can I dynamically sum the occurrence of the top X (X can be 10 all the way to 100 depending on the slider) most frequently occur vulnerabilities for a particular site and then for all sites? I'll divide this number by the total number of instances (i.e. 409). In other words, I want to find out if I fix the top X most frequently occur vulnerability, what is the percentage of vulnerabilities I have fixed as a whole? Attached is a dummy data set.


      Thanks for your help.