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    Beginner Sum Question

    Kelly Bauman

      Hi there!


      I'm trying to get my head around Tableau, and I have a basic question about summing by category. I'm happy to upload a workbook, but I wonder if that's necessary given the pedestrian nature of question:


      My data is imported like this:


      Name    Role 

      Kelly     Connector

      Jim       Convener

      Jim       Convener

      Joe       Organizer

      John     Builder

      Ralph    Other

      Ralph     Other


      What I need to do: I've created a treemap that shows roles, and I need the sum of each role to appear in the tooltip, so that it says "Connector: 1" or "Convener: 2".


      I hope that makes sense, and again, I'm happy to upload a workbook if necessary! Thanks!