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    Flip Charts based on LC/USD in Dashboard

    sulai man

      Hi Friends,


      Please find the dataset below. I am trying to show 2 Charts in a Dashboard. The Requirement is based currency code column that has to come in drop down. even though there is no USD mentioned in the currency code, there should be a provision like if i select USD from drop down, charts gets populated based on USD Sales/Profit and i if select CAD from drop down, charts gets populated based on LC Sales/Profit. Kindly help me to achieve this.


      Please let me know if you need more information to answer my query.


      CountryCurrency CodeLC_SalesLC_ProfitUSD_SalesUSD_Profit

      Ken Flerlage

      Joe Oppelt

      Vamsi Challa

      Jambesh Mahapatra

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