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    Keeping axis title when converting column of stacked bar to dimension for width

    laurie mcconville


      I came back to a tableau workbook I hadn't worked on in a while.  Previously I had converted my columns of "Yrs Since" (representing the number of years since the student entered college) from continuous to dimension in order to expand the width. Before converting to discrete/measure, I had first renamed the axis title.  When I converted to dimension, the axis title remained.


      For the life of me, now I cannot remember how I made this work, and I cannot replicate it on newly created charts.

      The bottom label you see below in the first picture "Number of Years Since Cohort Term" is the axis title I assigned to field "Yrs Since".

      The first pic below is where I succeeded.  The second is a new graph where I cannot replicate.

      That is, as soon as I either (1) convert "Yrs Since" to discrete or (2) click dimension for "Yrs Since" within the shelf, and I lose my axis title "Yrs Since Cohort Year" and the label returns to the actual field label "Yrs Since"


      I cannot attach a workbook, sorry.