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    Custom Geo Mapping

    Shaunak Ponkshe

      Hi All,


      I have one Senario.

      A region can have n number of states. But also a state can be present in 2 regions.

      As per my understanding is this the scenario where ,I am creating Region from Zip level and Region has 2 state name AL1 and Al2.


      Please help me to find the solution for the same.

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          Ken Flerlage

          Can you provide some sample data and an explanation of exactly what you're trying to do?

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            Shaunak Ponkshe

            Scenario Description -

            I have custom territories for my sales team - the territories map to certain ZIPs.

            I am not able to create territory on the map as ZIPs from a single Geo defined state may lie in multiple territories (My territories have nothing to do with US states).


            E.g. -

            California, ZIP 94025, Territory 1

            California, ZIP 94401, Territory 2


            I was able to do the map creation when full states were aggregated into territories. since now territories correspond to ZIPs, I have this issue.


            Please help!